Fixed IP Address

Open Manage Network Manager includes a web server and application server which must be installed to hosts with fixed IP addresses or permanently assigned Dynamic Host Control Protocol (DHCP) leases.

If you do change your host’s IP address

To accommodate a changed IP address, first delete the contents of \oware\temp. Change your local IP address anywhere it appears in \owareapps\install­props\lib\in­s­talled.prop­erties. Then restart your machine.

Alternatively, in a shell, after running oware to set the environment, you can run ipaddresschange -n followed by the new IP address.

If you change your host’s IP address, you must also change the Virtual host IP to the new IP address in Manage > Control Panel > Portal.

If you do change your server’s IP address, you must also change the URL for web client access in your browser.

Web Portal Properties

You must also change the IP address for the web portal. Change this in in \oware\synergy\tomcat-7.0.40\webapps\ROOT\WEB-INF\classes

Change property:

jdbc.default.url=jdbc:mysql://[IP address]/lportal?useUnicode\=true&characterEncoding\=UTF-8&useFastDateParsing\=false


oware.appserver.ip=[IP address] these reflect the correct IP address, then restart the web service.