Base Driver

If you have no driver installed, Open Manage Network Manager still provides the following functionality. This functionality depends on devices supporting and providing data from the system group (sysDescr, sysObjectID, sysUpTime, sysContact, sysName, sysLocation) and the ifTable which provides list of device interface entries from the RFC1213-MIB. Open Manage Network Manager also depends on the entPhysicalTable in the ENTITY-MIB which provides list of physical entities contained on device.

If device does not support ENTITY-MIB then Open Manage Network Manager bases sub-component creation entirely on contents of the ifTable.

Top Level Resource -- Open Manage Network Manager creates top level resource for discovered devices with the following attributes: Equipment Name, Description, IP Address, Location, Contact, Vendor, Model, System Object Id, Date created, Creator, Discovery date, Last Modified.

Subcomponents -- Open Manage Network Manager creates subcomponents (modules, ports, interfaces, power supplies, fans, and so on) for discovered device based on contents of entPhysicalTable.

Port / Interface Attributes -- Open Manage Network Manager sets Port/Interface Attributes depending on port/interface type: Name, Port Description, MAC Address, Administrative State, Operational State, Port Type, Speed, Encapsulation, Operation Type, Switch Mode, CLI Name, If Index, Port Number, and Slot Number.

Direct Access -- SNMP and Ping (ICMP) are enabled.

Monitors -- Discovered device instances are automatically added to the Default ICMP Monitor for updating its Network Status. Support for SNMP based performance monitors using discovered ports and interfaces as targets. For example, Bandwidth Utilization.

Reports -- You can execute reports like the Port Inventory Report or Device Inventory and results should include discovered device and device port entities.

Network View  -- Discovered devices and their sub-components appear.

Events -- Open Manage Network Manager supports standard MIB-II traps for discovered device and or sub-components. For example, linkUp, linkDown, coldStart, warmStart, and so on.

MIBs -- Open Manage Network Manager can import MIBs for use within MIB Browser so you can query device-specific OID values on the discovered device.

Containers -- Depending on the licensing, device and or contained sub-components are selectable and manageable in filters and portlets like Containers.

Links -- You can manually create Links using discovered device or device subcomponents as end points which are then visible in Network View.

Attributes -- You can manually populate or modify device/port attributes. For example Serial Number, Firmware Version, Port Type, Notes etc. Attribute values should then be included in reports based on a given report template.