Before installing this software to manage other computers with a Windows Management Interface driver (assuming you are installing that driver), if you do not already have it installed, you must download and install the Microsoft .Net framework version 3.0 or later on the application server. For complete functionality, the WMI login for this software must be a login for a domain user who also belongs to the administrator group on the WMI device. Both are requirements for any installation managing WMI devices.

The following are common Windows Base prerequisites:

Credentials -- You must use administrative credentials to manage the computer system.

Firewall --  Some firewalls installed on the computer may block Windows Management requests. Allow those you want to manage. (See Firewall Issues below.)

License -- Make sure you have the proper Windows Base driver license installed. If you have a Dell-only license and are discovering a non-Dell computer, discovery does not work. Or if you have a Dell license for desktop discover you cannot discover a server.

License come in the following types:

• Major Vendor by Name -- For example: Dell, Compaq, HP, Gateway

• Server/Desktop individual license support

• Generic computers -- Non-major vendors

• ALL -- This gives the driver all capabilities for any computer system