WBEM Prerequisites

The following are common prerequisites:

Credentials -- WBEM credentials have a role in discovering the device. Your system must have access to the computer using Administrative only credentials. These are the same credentials as the user installing WBEM on the device.

Telnet / SSH credentials are necessary for other supported applications.

For full functionality, this WBEM device driver requires administrative (root) access. Many devices may only allow root logins on a local console.

In such cases, configure the Telnet/SSH authentication for these devices to login as a non-root user--and, in Authentication Manager, enter su in the Enable User ID field and enter the root user’s password in Enable User Password in that same authentication. This enables full device management functionality with root access.

Credentials for Telnet / SSH should have a privilege level sufficient to stop services and to restart the computer system.

Firewall --  Some firewalls installed on the computer may block Web-Based Enterprise Management requests. Allow those you want to manage.

License -- Make sure you have the correct WBEM driver license installed. Licenses come in the following types:

• Major Vendor by Name - Such as Dell, Compaq, HP, Gateway.

• Server/Desktop individual license support.

• Generic computers - non-major vendors.

• ALL - this gives the driver all capabilities for any computer system.

If you discover an Amigopod host that does not have its SNMP agent turned on, Open Manage Network Manager labels it a WMI or WBEM host rather than an Amigopod host.

Secure WBEM Access

Some monitoring capabilities require root access, even if you securely log into the Linux host. In this case, when configuring a secure (SSH) login, configure a telnet authentication with su as an Enable User ID, and the root user’s password as the Enable Password. For other WBEM access, configure authentication as an HTTP/HTTPS login / password, and select WBEM as the protocol after you have selected the WBEM authentication.