File Server Editor

This editor lets you configure new and existing file servers.

This is where you specify the Name, whether the server is Enabled, whether the connection is secure (Secure FTP/SCP Server), supports TFTP, internal and external (optional) IP addresses, and Net Masks, and the login and password for the file server. Once you have configured a server, you can test the file server credentials by clicking on the Test button at the bottom of the screen. Click Save to preserve your changes.

FTP servers typically must be on the same side of the firewall as the devices with which they communicate. If you have several such servers, the specified Net Mask also determines which server communicates with devices in which portion of the network.

The Open Manage Network Manager file server uses an internal, local LAN address ( example), however the routers with which it communicates often cannot communicate to such internal addresses. This is why an external/reachable address is necessary.

Notice that you can now configure an IP address used by Open Manage Network Manager, and another External IP Address used by the devices. If you configure multiple file servers, Open Manage Network Manager selects the server with the Net Mask whose subnet is closest to the device(s) with which it communicates.