Starting Web Client

You can also open the client user interface in a browser1. The URL is

http://[application server hostname or IP address]:8080

The default login user is admin, with a password of admin. The first time you log in, you can select a password reminder. If you have forgotten your password, click the Forgot Password link in the initial screen to begin a sequence that concludes by mailing your user’s e-mail address a password. (See Password Reset)

For this forgotten password sequence to work, you must configure users’ e-mails correctly, and the portal’s SMTP server in Control Panel’s Server > Server Administration > Mail settings. To configure a user’s e-mail, click the link user name in the upper right corner of the portal to configure an account’s settings for this and other things. The same configuration settings are available in Control Panel’s tabs labeled as that user’s login.

The application server hostname is the name of the system where Open Manage Network Manager is installed.

  1. See Supported Web Browsers