Control Panel

To configure access to Open Manage Network Manager, you must be signed in as a user with the permissions. (The default admin user has such permissions.) The Go to > Control Panel menu item opens a screen with the following tabs of interest:

Admin / [My Account]


Portal > Users and Organizations

Public / Private Page Behavior

Portal > Roles

Portal > Portal Settings

Portal > [Other]

Redcell > Permission Manager

Redcell > Database Aging Policies (DAP))

Redcell > Data Configuration

Redcell > Filter Management

Redcell > Application Settings


Tips describing these screens and fields appear when you hover the cursor over fields, or click the blue circle around a question mark next to them. This blue circle can also toggle the appearance / disappearance of the tip.

Users with less-than-Administrator permissions may not see all of the features described in this guide.

See Configuring Pages and User Access for an example of using Control Panel capabilities1.

Search Indexes 

Sometimes Open Manage Network Manager may display Control Panel objects like users, roles, and organizations inaccurately. This occurs because search Indexes need to be re-indexed every so often, especially when changes to roles, users and organizations are frequent.

To re-index go to Control Panel > Server Administration and then click on the Reindex all search indexes. This takes little time.

  1. More Control Panel capabilities exist than Open Manage Network Manager uses. These are largely self-explanatory, but are separate capabilities. For example, the Contacts portlet is not related to Control Panel’s Contacts Center. Since Open Manage Network Manager does not use capa­bilities like the Contacts Center on Control panel, and descriptions of how to use such capabilities do not appear here.