Admin / [My Account]

To configure information for your login, look for the bar titled with your account login’s name. It has the following lines beneath it:

My Account -- This configures your information as a user, including your e-mail address, password, and so on.

Contacts Center -- This configures contacts, in other words, people within your system that you are following. Click the Find People link to see a list of potential contacts within your system. You must click Action > Follow to see them listed in the Contacts Home. Use the Action button to explore other possibilities.

The contact has to approve you in their requests. To Follow means you want to receive the followed person’s activity stream, blog postings, and so on. Friending means your friends can see your activity and you can see theirs. They have to accept any Friend request.

You can export vCards for all contacts in the system to use with other software that uses contacts. For example: e-mail clients.