Public / Private Page Behavior

Despite the small Public / Private label next to the My Private / My Public pages listed in the Go To menu, both types of pages appear only for the user(s) who created them. Page Standard settings are Max Items, Default Filter, Max Items per Page, and Column Configuration. These persist for Admin users on the RCSynergy pages, or for users who have the portlet on their Public or Private pages (which makes them the owner of that instance). Without Open Manage Network Manager portlets, URLs for pages labeled public are accessible even to users who do not log in.

Some portlets provide extra settings--for example Alarms portlet’s the charting options, or the Top N portlets number of Top Items. These persist too.

Max Items, Max Items Per Page and Columns persist for both the summary and maximized portlets independently. For example: If Max Items is 50 in minimized mode it does not affect the Max Items in the Maximized window state. This lets you configure modes independently.

Open Manage Network Manager remembers the default sort column and order per user, whether the user has Admin rights or not. The Sort Column/Order (Descending/Ascending) is also shared between both summary and maximized portlets. A sort on IP Address in Resources persists if you expand the summary portlet to maximized mode.

In any case, the administrative user can re-arrange pages and portlets in a way that persists. Non-administrative users cannot do this.