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Some of the remaining portal labels permit the following:

Sites -- Configure sites. Sites are a set of pages that display content and provide access to specific applications. Sites can have members, which are given exclusive access to specific pages or content.

Site Template -- Configures pages and web content for organizations.

Page Template -- Configures a page and portlets, as well as permissions.

Password Policy -- Configure the security policies you want, including user lockout and password expiration, and assign them to users. (See the Open Manage Network Manager Common Services Guide for details)

Custom Fields -- Lets you configure custom fields for Blog entries, Bookmarks or Bookmark Folders, Calendar Events, and so on.

Monitoring -- Lets you see all the live sessions on the portal. Click a session to see its details. This is usually turned off in production for performance reasons.

Plugins Configuration -- Configure role access to portlets and features. By default, only administrators can add portlets / plugins to their pages.