Redcell > Filter Management

This screen, accessible from Go to > Control Panel lets you manage the filters in Open Manage Network Manager.

Click the Delete icon to the right of a listed filter to remove it from the system. Click the disk icon to export the filter. Clicking the Import button at the top of the screen lets you import previously exported filters.

To find a particular filter, click the Search (magnifying glass) icon in the lower left corner of this screen.

Clicking the Edit icon to the right of a listed filter, or clicking the Add Filter button opens the filter editor.

Use this editor to configure filters. Enter a Name and Description, and use the green plus (+) to select an entity type from a subsequent screen. Checking Shared makes the filter available for all users, not just your user. You can add groups of filter criteria (click Add Group) that logical AND (Match All) or OR (Match Any) with each other. Click Clear Conditions to remove criteria. Configure the filter in the Criteria Group panel as described in the How to: Filter Expanded Portlet Displays. Delete filters with the Delete this entry icon next to the edit icon.