Aging Policies Editor

When you click Add Policy in the upper right corner of the Redcell > Database Aging Policies (DAP) screen, first a selector appears where you can click on the kind of policy you want to create, then the editor appears. If you click the Edit icon to the right of a listed policy, the Aging Policies Editor appears with that policy’s information already filled out, ready to modify.

The General screen has the following fields:

Name -- An identifier for the policy

Description -- A text description of the policy

Enabled -- Check to enable the policy.

Schedule Interval -- Use the pick list to select an interval. Once you have configured an interval here, you can re-configure it in the Schedules Portlet.

Base Archive Name -- The prefix for the archived file.

Compress Archive -- Check to compress the archive file.

Archive Location -- Select from the available Repositories in the pick list.

The contents of the Options tab depend on the type of DAP you are configuring. Typically, this tab is where you set the retention thresholds.

DAP SubPolicies

Some Options tabs include sub-policies for individual attribute retention.

Click Add SubPolicy or click the Edit button to the right of listed policies to access the editor.