When you select a repository in the Aging Policies Editor, the available policies come from what is configured in this tab of the editor.

Available repositories appear listed in the initial screen. Like the Aging Policies Editor, you can click Add Repository to create a new repository, and Edit or Delete selected, listed policies with the icons in the Action column. Notice the listed policies indicated whether the archiving destination is Online with a green icon (this is red, when the destination is offline).

When you Add Repository or Edit an existing one, the following fields appear in the editor:

Repository Name -- An identifier for the archiving destination.

Description -- A text comment.

Virtual Path -- This is the path relative to the installation root directory. Any user with administrator permissions can specify or change the default archive path here.

Online -- Check this to put this repository online.

Open Manage Network Manager automatically writes to any configured failover repository if the primary repository is full or not writable.

To view any archived DAP file, use dapviewer. Type oware in a command shell, then, after pressing [Enter], type dapviewer to use this utility.