Restoring Databases

Restoring from FILENAME.mysql is a three step process. This occurs, again, in a command shell:

1. Drop the database:

mysqladmin -u USERNAME -p drop owbusdb


mysqadmin -u USERNAME --password=[password] drop owbusdb

2. Recreate the database

mysqladmin -u USERNAME -p create owbusdb


mysqadmin -u USERNAME --password=[password] create owbusdb

3. Import the backup data

mysql -u USERNAME -p owbusdb < FILENAME.mysql


mysql -u USERNAME --password=[password] owbusdb < FILENAME.mysql

Here are restoration commands for all the databases:

mysql -u root --password=dorado owmetadb < owmetadb.mysql

mysql -u root --password=dorado owbusdb < owbusdb.mysql

mysql -u root --password=dorado lportal < lportal.mysql

mysql -u root --password=dorado synergy < synergy.mysql