Configuration Files

One place backed up configuration files can appear is in this portlet. Right-clicking offers you the following options (all options listed may not be available):

View / Edit -- See or edit the backed up configuration file, if it is not a binary file. See File Management and Configuration File Editor for a description of these capabilities.

Compare to Label / Compare Selected -- Compare labeled configuration files to the current selection. See File Management for a description of this capability. You can create labels when you back up a config file, or you can compare to the default labels (Change Determination, Current, Compliant). If you select two configuration files in t he expanded portlet, you can also Compare Selected.

Promote -- Makes the selected config file available for mass deployment. This is a useful way to make a “pattern” configuration file to deploy to several devices. See the description of the screen for Configuration for additional information about how to do this.

Backup / Restore -- Back up the device (again) related to the selected file, or restore the selected file.

Open Manage Network Manager automatically assigns the most recently restored file the Current label.

Archive -- Save the selected file to disk, and optionally delete it from this list.

Import / Export -- Export the selected config file to disk, or import it from disk.

Delete -- Removes the file from the Open Manage Network Manager database without exporting it.

Aging Policy -- Opens the Aging Policy selector. See Redcell > Database Aging Policies (DAP) for more about these.

You can also import and export a selected config file.

You cannot select multiple lines with Ctrl+click in most summary portlets. Configuration Files is an exception.

Configuration Files Expanded

The Expanded portlet lets you filter the list of displayed configuration files, and displays the File Type, Description, File Size and whether the configuration file is Labeled in columns.

The Labeled column appears with green or red icons depending on whether the config file has a label. When a label applies to a configuration, you cannot Delete or Archive it.

The Labels Using Config File snap-in displays all labels connected to the selected configuration file, and the date on which that connection was made. The Reference Tree displays the configuration file name, and lets you right-click it to access the available operations it supports.

To see the most recent configuration files, see Top Configuration Backups.

For advanced search in the expanded Configuration File portlet, enter the file size in bytes to search using File size function. We suggest searching in range (between) to work around any rounding error in the KB/MB conversion.

Open Manage Network Manager converts from bytes to KB/MB and presents the file size in terms of KB/MB after some rounding. For instance, 1484 bytes / 1024 = 1.44921875 KB; Open Manage Network Manager rounds it to 1.45 KB.