Configuring Pages and User Access

The following describes adding pages to your Open Manage Network Manager installation, and configuring Role-based User Views. This is a way to manage user access to Open Manage Network Manager’s features in a more complex environment. This consists of the following configuration levels:

Page Level Permissions

Portlet Level Permissions

Configure Resource Level Permissions

Pages display portlets in the following ways:

Summary / Minimized Mode

Any portlet's that have the Settings toolbar option (Filters and Max Results) can save/toggle the Current Filter, Max Results, Max Items Per Page, and column choices. See Portlet Toolbar.

The Max Results settings for summary portlets differ from those for maximized / expanded portlets.

If you are an Admin and are on the Main portal site, Open Manage Network Manager saves these permanently. If you are a REGULAR user they are only saved temporarily unless the portlet is on your personal Public/Private pages. See Public / Private Page Behavior for details.

Maximized / Expanded Mode

The Settings button in expanded portlets lets you configure displayed columns and their order, and the number of items to display. If the number of items in a list exceeds the maximum specified, a [limit reached] message appears next to the number of items listed in the bottom right corner of the page.

For large list, filters are a more efficient use of computing resources than large maximum settings. See How to: Filter Expanded Portlet Displays for more about configuring filters.