Page Level Permissions

This level provides permission for a user/group/role/organization on a defined Open Manage Network Manager page.

Create new Users:

1. As an admin user, go to the Control Pane

2. Under the Portal category, click Users and Organizations, then click the Add > User menu item.

3. Fill out the User form with name and email address and so on.

4. When you are finished, click Save.

5. A message appears saying that the save was successful.

The expanded form lets you fill out more information about the user.

6. Select the Password, enter password for the user and click Save.

7. Click the Roles link. A screen appears showing the roles to which your ID is currently assigned. By default, all users are assigned the Power User role, and to the role User.

8. (You may want to do this step after configuring roles. See Add and Configure User Roles / Permissions.) Remove the default PowerUser role, and add the appropriate new role for the user with the +Select link, then click Save. You can optionally fill out other details later.

9. In Control Panel’s Redcell > Permission Manager, remove any permissions from the User role you do not want the user to have.

Create a new Page and Rearrange Pages

1. As an admin user, from the portal, not control panel, click Add > Page. That creates a new page with a blank title in the doc. Name, then click on that page to see it.

2. Click Manage > Page to reconfigure it, add child pages, and so on.

3. An editor appears that lets you further configure the page.

Click the triangles on the left to expand the tree of pages in this schematic.

4. To re-arrange the pages in the portal, drag-and-drop them in the tree on the left.

5. When the page is configured as desired, click Save and then click the X in the upper right corner of this editor. Your page should appear in the portal after you refresh it.

6. Click the page label to open any new page, and click Add > Applications to add portlets to that page. You can also drag and drop the portlets within the page to rearrange them. The applications under the Portal node are open source, and not documented here. The rest are Open Manage Network Manager-connected, and are documented in this guide.

Use the Search Applications field at the top of the Add > Applications menu to find portlets nested within that menu’s categories. The Portal Applications and Global categories includes generic portlets; the remaining categories are for Open Manage Network Manager portlets.

Restrict Pages for a User

1. As an admin user click Manage > Page.

2. Expand the Page Layout tree. This represents the page layout as seen in the portal.

3. Select a page where you want to restrict access.

4. Click on the Permissions button at the top.

5. Uncheck the View permission for Guest and Community members. Make sure Owner and PowerUser can still view the page.

6. Now select View for any other roles you want to give access.

7. Click Save.

8. You can log out and log back in as the new user. That the user should not be able to see restricted pages.