Quick Navigation

The Quick Navigation portlet lets you quickly perform some basic tasks:

Resource Discovery--Discover devices in your network with the Quick Discovery defaults, or lets you construct a Quick Discovery profile if none exists. See Resource Discovery for details.

Link Discovery -- After you have discovered resources, this discovers their connections. See Link Discovery.

Backup Config Files -- This lets you back up discovered devices’ configuration files. Before you can use this feature, you must have servers configured as described in Netrestore File Servers. See also File Management.

OS Image Upload -- Upload firmware updates for devices. See Firmware Image Editor for more about these capabilities.

Deploy OS Image -- This deploys firmware updates. To deploy images, you must have File Servers configured, as described above for Backup. See Deploy Firmware.

License Management -- This lets you see and manage the licensed capabilities of Open Manage Network Manager. See License Viewer below for details.

Admin user and Power User can see all the above menu items. The User role sees only sees four. Link discovery and OS image upload do not appear by default. To see them, you must give User 'write' permission.