Best practice/Web portal /Multitasking

You can open multiple tabs to different managers in Open Manage Network Manager. In most cases this does not cause any issues for read–only browsing of data. Opening multiple tabs is not recommend when creating, editing or deleting. In these scenarios there may be cases where

Web session information may not be reported back correctly and task completion may appear to never finish. One example is a job status updates. In this case a job may be submitted and it will appear to be stuck “running” when in reality it has already finished but the status has not updated in the browser session. When this occurs the user can manually click the refresh button on the job status window to manually force and update. It is not productive to watch a long running process in the job status. The recommended process is to close the job status window and move on to other tasks. The “My Alerts” feature will alert the user when they have a completed job status.