License Viewer

This screen appears when you click License Management in the Quick Navigation portlet.Click Close to return to Open Manage Network Manager. You may find Licenses in a name slightly different from the one you expect. For example, the Reports portlet is licensed as part of the Inventory Manager product.

Register a License

To register a license click the Select File button at the top, and use the subsequent screen to select a license file.

To import a license when application server is not running, type oware then licenseimporter [license file path] on a command line.

You must restart application server or wait up to 15 minutes before a license modification takes effect.

Product Licenses

This portion of the License Viewer lists the products for which you have licenses already, displaying the Product, Edition, Expire Date, whether the license is Valid, any IP restrictions, the User who installed the product and/or license, and the Version of product for which the license is valid.

License Details: [Product]

This portion of the screen displays the details of a license selected in the Registered Product Licenses portion of the License Viewer screen. It is blank if you have not selected a license in the list above this panel.

Device Licenses

This tab displays the Maximum Allowed number of devices, the Count Managed the Variance between maximum and managed, and Type of license, along with sums of the maximum and count managed.