Password Reset

You can reset a user's password two ways. One is to login as admin and change the user's password in Portal Settings > Users and Organizations. For additional information please refer to Portal > Users and Organizations.

For the second method, users themselves can request an email be sent to them with instructions to set a new password. Follow the steps below.

1. Login fails. At the bottom of the login screen is the Forgot Password link.

2. A prompt appears for user to enter a Screen Name.

3. A prompt appears to enter the answer to the reminder question (their Father's middle name) that they set when logging in the first time.

4. After entering the correct answer for their account, Open Manage Network Manager sends an email to the user’s email address. E-mail for password reminders / resets requires setting up the fields in Control Panel > Server Administration > Mail, not the SMTP Configuration which is for Open Manage Network Manager-originated e-mails.

After entering an incorrect answer, a request failed screen appears, with another chance for entering a correct answer.

5. The e-mail provides a link where the user can enter a new password and confirm it.