Inventory Mappings

The inventory mappings panel lets you associate predefined inventory metrics with a monitored attribute to normalize the attribute if a device does not report metrics in a way that matches the monitored attribute’s name or format. Available metrics include CPU Utilization %, Memory Utilization %, ICMP Round Trip Time, ICMP packet errors, and Bandwidth utilization %.

Common attributes include those for Top N. For example, service A may call it “Disk % Utility” and Service B may call it “% Disk Utility”. We can map them to a common name and can display them as Top N.

You can Add a new mapping with that button, or Remove All listed mappings with that button. You can also edit or delete listed mappings with the Action icons to the right of each row. Adding or editing opens the Inventory Mapping Editor.

This lets you configure the following:

Metric ID -- Inventory metric name

Attribute ID -- Attribute to associate with the inventory metric