Create ACLI

Create a show ACLI for the show ip traffic command. This ACLI executes the command and it will extract the appropriate data using RegEx.

1. Create a new ACLI (or modify an existing)

Create an attribute in ACLI for each attribute that you want to monitor. The Date Type must be Integer.

2. Here, there is an attribute for no_adjacency.

3. Create an attribute for no_route, too.

4. Create the script which contains the command you want to run. Notice the the attributes appear listed on the right panel. Do not refer to the attributes in the script as you would in a configuration script. The next step contains attribute references.

5. In the Value Extractions Tab click Add new attribute extraction and then pick the attribute. The Parse Expression is the RegEx that extracts the correct data. For no_route use this RegEx: .*(\d+) no route,.*

6. Add the next attribute. For no_adjacency use the RegEx: .*unresolved, (\d+) no adjacency.*

7. Apply and Save the ACLI.

8. Select the ACLI and execute it, selecting the devices you want to monitor.

The audit panel catalogs the progress of the job, and the Execution History snap panel in the expanded Actions portlet displays the execution, listing multiple executions by time and date. Right-click an execution listed, and select Results to see the results.