Edit Custom Attributes

In several right-click menus (Managed Equipment, Port, Contact, Vendor, or Location), the Edit Custom Attributes menu item lets you open the custom attribute editor appropriate for the device type listed in the portlet. See Redcell > Data Configuration for another way to get to this editor.

Clicking the Edit icon for a row in the editor lets you edit rows describing custom fields with the popup editor. The following are typical custom attribute properties you can alter:

Enabled -- Check Enabled to activate the selected custom field.

Label -- This is a label for the tooltip identified in the Name. The Label is what you see in the portlets appropriate for the entity type you have selected. The Type column in the attribute describes the data type of the custom attribute (String, Integer, Date, Boolean–read only). When you select Boolean the field is a checkbox.

Tooltip -- The tip that appears when you hover the cursor over the custom field.

Click Save to preserve any changes you have made, or Cancel to abandon them. Edit a resource and look in the Extended Details / Custom Attributes panel to see them.