The SNMP attributes panel lets you specify which SNMP attributes are to be monitored.

You can specify the SNMP attributes the following ways:

• With the SNMP browser, or

• Entering the SNMP attribute properties explicitly.

The Browse button launches the SNMP MIB browser. (See MIB Browser) You can also click the Device Results tab to open an SNMP authentication screen and log into any device you specify, even undiscovered devices. Specify the IP address, SNMP Read Community, port, SNMP version, timeout and retries.

Click on the desired SNMP nodes and then click on the Add Selection button to add an SNMP attribute. When done selecting, click the Done button to add selected attributes to the monitor or Cancel to abandon the operation and close the browser.

The Add and Edit buttons in the SNMP attribute panel launch the SNMP Attribute editor.

This panel contains the following properties:

Oid -- The object identifier for this attribute

Name -- This attribute’s name

Instance -- SNMP instance. 0 for scalar or the ifIndex value for an SNMP column.

View Type -- Scalar or Column.

Syntax -- Integer, Boolean, DisplayString, and so on.

Meta Syntax -- Counter, Gauge, and so on.

If you type in an OID and click the search button next to the OID field, the browser searches the MIB for the OID and fills in the other values if it finds the OID.