SNMP Table Monitor

This panel appears if you are editing an SNMP Table monitor. The application stores not absolute numbers from counters but the counter’s change since its last measurement.

Columns include the SNMP Attribute Name, OID, Row Identifier, Foreign Key, Series Name, Meta Syntax, Units, and Action.

If you select one of the 64-bit counters in ifXTable, make sure the Meta Syntax is 64-bit.

Clicking the Add or the Edit button to the right opens either a MIB Browser where you can retrieve these attributes, or an Add / Edit SNMP Attributes editor at the bottom of the screen, See the following sections for details.

MIB Browser

This lets you select attributes to monitor as described in MIB Browser. The SNMP table monitor lets you pick a table column, not the entire table.

Add / Edit SNMP Attributes

This screen lets you specify individual attributes.

It has the following fields:

Oid -- A field where you can enter the object identifier. This also has an integrated search function. Click the magnifying glass icon on the right to activate it. A successful search populates the rest of the fields for the object identifier.

Row Identifier -- This mandatory field defaults to @instance (The OID instance).

Name -- The text identifier for the OID

Foreign Key -- Enter the foreign key, if any.

Series Name -- This defaults to @RowIdentifier.

Units -- Enter the units of measurement.

Meta Syntax -- Further refine the variable type with the pick list. For example, you can select Counter32 (a 32-bit counter). For Counter types, the monitor computes change from previous readings, and for Gauges it does not.

If a message appears saying: “Device fault: Return packet too big” in the Monitor Status Summary, then you have selected too many SNMP attributes to poll in a single request. Please modify your monitor to request smaller numbers of attributes