Audit Trail Portlet

The audit trail summary portlet displays an archive of the message traffic between Open Manage Network Manager and monitored devices, as well as Open Manage Network Manager’s reaction to failed message transmission.

The Creation Date, Subject, Action (the summary message of the audit trail), User ID (the login ID of the user whose actions resulted in this trail), and Status of the messages appear in the table (hover the cursor over the icon for a text message describing status). Right click to Delete a message, manage its Aging Policy or View as PDF. See Redcell > Database Aging Policies (DAP) for more about such policies.

Expanded Audit Trail Portlet

When you click the plus (+) in the upper right corner of the summary screen, the expanded portlet appears. Click the Settings button to configure the columns that appear in this screen and their order. Filter the appearance of the screen with the Advanced Filter capabilities at its top.

In addition to the summary screen’s columns, the following are available in this screen:

User IP -- Open Manage Network Manager creates the Audit Entry for IP Address of the related user. If it cannot acquire the user’s IP Address or if the audit entry occurred because of a Scheduled or System event then the IP address is for the related Application Server.

Subject -- The equipment at the origin of the message traffic with Open Manage Network Manager.

You can right-click a selected item and either Delete it, or View Job. This last option displays a screen with the details of the job itself.

View Job

The Audit Job Viewer displays the audit trail messages in tree form. To see the contents of an individual message that appears in the upper panel, select it and view its contents in the bottom panel. The divider has Refresh double-arrow, and screen/arrow icons in the left corner, and an icon indicating the status of the job on the right. Click Refresh to clear an old message so you can view a new one.

Click the screen/arrow icon to check (info, warning, error) filters that limit the types of visible messages. Notice that when you select a message, its date and time appears to the right of screen/arrow icon.