Top N [Assets]

Open Manage Network Manager uses seeded, default Active Performance Monitors (APM) to display performance data in several categories. These portlets display the summary results of device monitoring, for example, Top Ping Response (Slowest) displays the devices slowest to respond to ping.

Devices appear, ranked by the monitored parameter. Hover the cursor over the Ping Rate column, and a row’s a popup graph of recent activity over time appears.

If you right-click a monitored item, you can select from menu items like those that appear in the portlet described in Managed Resources.

For some portlets (for example Top CPU / Disk / Memory Utilization, Top Interface Bandwidth / Errors), the right-click Performance menu items include Key Metrics. The menu can include Performance which displays Dashboard Views related to the selected monitor.

For some packages, these can also include IP SLA statistics like the following: Top Bandwidth Received / Transmitted, Top CPU / Disk Utilization, Top Ingress / Egress Packet Loss, Top Jitter, and Top RT Delay. To see all available Top portlets, click Add > Applications and look below Top N on the subsequent panel.