Key Features

The following are some key features of Open Manage Network Manager:

Customizable and Flexible Web Portal

You can customize the web portal, even providing custom designed views of your data assigned to individual users. You can even create web portal accounts for departments, geographic areas, or other criteria.

Automate and Schedule Device Discovery

Device discovery populates Open Manage Network Manager’s database and begins network analysis. You can also create network discovery schedules to automatically run Discovery whenever you need them.

Open Manage Network Manager Administration

You can now conduct administrative tasks--adding devices, user accounts, and web portal displays--from a secure console on your network.

Open Integration

Open Manage Network Manager supports industry standards. It comes with an open-source MySQL database, and supports using Oracle databases. It also uses industry-standard MIBs and protocols, and even lets you install open-source screen elements like Google gadgets to the web portal.


The Open Manage Network Manager topology screen lets you create multi-layered, fully customizable, web-based maps of your network to track devices wherever they are in your network.


You can configure custom alarms to respond to hundreds of possible network scenarios, including multiple condition checks. Open Manage Network Manager’s alarms help you recognize issues before your network users experience productivity losses. Alarms can also trigger actions like email, executing Perl scripts, paging, SNMP traps, Syslog messaging, and external application execution.

Traps and Syslog

Open Manage Network Manager lets you investigate network issues with traps and Syslog messages. You can use Open Manage Network Manager to set up events / alarms and then receive, process, forward, and send syslog and trap messages.

Reports and Graphs

Open Manage Network Manager comes with many pre-configured reports and graphs to display data from its database. You can archive and compare reports, or automate creating them with Open Manage Network Manager’s scheduler.


With additional modules, Open Manage Network Manager can analyze network traffic, manage services and IP address and subnet allocations. Open Manage Network Manager modules save time adding to existing Open Manage Network Manager deployments to add feature functionality without requiring additional standalone software.