Application Server Statistics

This summary screen has no expanded view. It displays the statistics for the Open Manage Network Manager application server and provides access to set logging levels for a variety of categories on the application server.

The bar graph displays Total, Used, and Free memory on the server. One such graph appears per server monitored. Hover your cursor over a bar to see its reading in a tooltip. Hover your cursor over the bar graphs related to the server you want to monitor, and its information appears in a tooltip.

The Thread Count graph displays information for as long as this portlet is open, restarting when you revisit it or refresh the page.

Logging Categories

The Application Server Statistics portlet also displays a table that catalogs servers’ Partition Name, Server Type and Node Name. This includes a button the upper right corner where you can access Log Categories--log4j.xml items--without having to text edit that file. See Custom Debug for more about log4j.xml. The log4j.xml items appear listed with their default log levels. Altering log levels for the listed items can provide more information for troubleshooting. Log levels determine the detail of server log output.

Notice that you can sort these by clicking the table headers, and can look for items with the Search link below the checkboxes. You can check or uncheck categories at the top of this screen to confine the display to only desired categories.

These self-monitoring capabilities let you tune Application Server logs to produce meaningful output. Clicking the Edit icon to the right of an item lets you change its log level.

This simplifies setting log levels, and does not require editing the log4j.xml file.

More, and more detailed logging can require more processing.