To schedule an action, for example using a discovery profile, right click and select Schedule. The Schedule panel appears, where you can create a new schedule, entering a Starting On date and time, and Stopping On date and time or occurrence number. You can also configure recurrence in this screen.

Once you save the schedule, the action (for example Discovery Profile) it also appears in the Schedules Portlet as a scheduled item.

Schedule Actions

To schedule an action triggered from a right-click menu (for example from Managed Resources or Schedules portlets) rather than execute it immediately, follow these steps.

1. Select the action in the right-click menu. For example: device Backup.Rather than clicking Execute, click Add Schedule.

The schedule panel appears.Configure the start time and date, recurrence, and stop parameters in this screen. The Results tab displays an audit trail when the action executes.

2. Once you click Apply on this panel, the previous panel returns, the Add Schedule button now appearing as Edit Schedule.

3. If you click Save, Open Manage Network Manager creates a scheduled item around the activity and its data. A row also appears in the screen described in Schedules Portlet for this schedule.

4. When you have scheduled something from the Add Schedule button, clicking Apply in the schedule panel returns you to the previous screen.

5. If you click Execute in that previous screen, the action begins, and audit trail panel appears, displaying the running job for the activity. If you have attached a Schedule, Open Manage Network Manager also saves the activity as a scheduled item in the Schedules Portlet.