Networks with Open Manage Network Manager

The beginning of network management with Open Manage Network Manager is Discovery Profiles of the resources on a network. After that occurs, you can configure Visualize My Network (topology views), Resource Monitors and Performance Dashboards.

Once you have done these initial steps, Open Manage Network Manager helps you understand and troubleshoot your network. For example: Suppose a Open Manage Network Manager Performance Dashboard displays something you want to troubleshoot. You can right-click the impacted device in the Visualize My Network topology view to access configuration and actions. The color of the icon in this view indicates the highest severity alarm on the device or its sub-components. For example, red indicates a Critical alarm.

Displays include right-click access to the Details screen (see Equipment Details), where you can examine each section of device information and right-click to see further applicable actions. For example right-click to Show Performance, and edit and/or save that view of performance as another Performance Dashboard. Performance can also display portlets that Show Top Talkers (the busiest devices) or Show Key Metrics.

From looking at Performance Dashboards or Top N [Assets] you may conclude some configuration changes made memory consumption spike. Right-click to access resource actions under File Management that let you see the current configuration files on devices, and compare current to previous. You can also back up devices (see Backup Configurations) and restore previously backed up files (see Restore Configurations). Finally, you may simply want to Resync (another right-click menu item) to insure the device and your management system are up-to-date.

Alternatively, the Alarms portlet also lets you right-click to expose Alarm Actions.

You can right click for Direct Access – Telnet or Direct Access – MIB Browser to display a command line telnetting to the device, or an SNMP MIB browser to examine SNMP possibilities for it.

The Managed Resources portlet can display the anatomy of a Resource with its right-click actions (see Equipment Details). Click the plus in the upper right corner to see Managed Resources Expanded. This displays detail or “Snap-in” panels with additional information about a selected resource.

Reports let you take snapshots of network conditions to aid in analysis of trends, and Audit Trail Portlets track message traffic between Open Manage Network Manager and devices.