Show Versions

To see which products are installed, and what versions, select the Manage > Show Versions menu item. This displays the installed package and modules, as well as their version numbers in the Product Details tab.

The Installed Extensions tab displays any installed presentation layer enhancements, and the Driver Information tab displays individual drivers (see Device Drivers). Profile Details outlines the supported device models, identifiers (OIDs), types and interfaces, and the OS Versions supported. This information can be important when you need technical support.

You can also produce an HTML version of this screen’s information from a command line. Run drvrpt (drvrpt.cmd in Windows) from \owareapps\ddbase\bin. The HTML appears in [installation root]\reports\drivers.

Custom Debug

For more advanced users, any component under owareapps can define a log4j.xml file for each component matching the following pattern:


Consult these files for categories you want to change, and copy those (altered) properties to the file you created in owareapps\installprops. The categories altered in this file override any others. Changing such properties can produce enhanced error output in server logs. See also Application Server Statistics.