The Dock

This menu bar appears at the top of portal pages. Its exact appearance depends on your package. With it, you can open online help, add, edit, and navigate to portal pages and content.

Click the down arrow to see menus for items on the dock. Here are its functions

Help -- Opens the online help.

Add -- This menu lets you add Pages, or Applications.

The “breadcrumb” trail that appears near the top of pages lets you navigate directly through the hierarchy of parent / child pages directly by clicking links displayed there.

The More... menu item contains Open Manage Network Manager’s content. Click a node to see available portlets. See Portlets.


Manage -- This menu lets you alter the following:

Page (page order [note that you can drag-and-drop pages within the Pages tab] permissions, appearance and so on). You can create Children pages, and can Import / Export page configurations as described below.

Use the screen that appears after selecting Manage > Page to configure add or delete pages and to manage their appearance and permissions. You must refresh any altered page before edits take effect.

You can create a new page, then Copy Portlets from Page you can duplicate another page’s portlets on the selected page.

Page Layout -- Configure the page’s columns. This menu item does not appear if you have an expanded portlet open, because the focus is not in the context of a page.

The Freeform page layout may stack portlets on top of one another. Toggle the Fullscreen icon in the upper right cor­ner to see portlets so you can re-arrange them.

Site Settings -- Configures page behavior, look and feel. See also Import / Export.

Show Versions -- See Show Versions.

Go To -- Makes the selected screen type appear. Select My Public Pages or My Private Pages, for example. When you add a new Community, its configured pages appear in this menu too. This also provides access to Control Panel (see Control Panel).

Best practice is to use multiple pages within Open Manage Network Manager rather than multiple tabs.

Administrators can permanently configure Public pages, while users with fewer rights can only configure their Private pages. Any page changes persist after you make them, provided you have the rights to make changes on a page. See Public / Private Page Behavior for the details.

[User Name]  (sign out)-- Opens the Manage My Account screen, where you can configure your name, job title, image, e-mail and so on. The Sign out link lets you log out of Open Manage Network Manager.

If you cannot see enough of the screen to use this editor as you like, manage your account from Go to > Control Panel > [User Name] > My Account

Toggle Full Screen-- The icon on the far right of this bar toggles its appearance / disappearance so you can use more screen area for portlets if you need it. This toggle also impacts the Menu Bar.