Chat / Conferencing

This portion of the message bar lets you send and receive messages to colleagues who are online at the same time you are.

Whatever item is of concern can be shared. So if a router is causing difficulties, you can share a link that opens the router's information and share it with other users with Open Manage Network Manager’s internal instant messaging / chat system. With conferencing, you can invite more than one person to collaborate.

These capabilities have the following fields and other possibilities for you to configure:

[Saying] -- Configure this text in the menu produced by the Settings icon (the next item).

(Settings) -- This configures your user settings for any online chat with your colleagues, including the saying, whether your online presence appears, and whether to play a sound when messages arrive.

When you have a message from another user, that user’s name appears on the status bar to the left of this icon.

(Conferences) -- This configures your user settings for any online chat with multiple colleagues. The Create tab lets you edit to invite colleagues, configure an invitation message and check to make a private conference that only invites can attend. The Join tab becomes active when you are invited to a conference. An online chat window appears after you join.

Conferencing also opens a screen that both records text and provides a virtual white board where participants can draw.

Hover the cursor over the white board tools at the top to see what they do. Enter text in the lower left corner, and it appears on the left after you click Enter. Conference participants appear with icons and colors keyed to their text in the lowest portion of the screen.

If appearance or performance concerns impede your conferencing, clear your browser’s cache, then re-try conferencing.

Colleagues (n) --  A green dot indicates others are online (it is red when you are alone), and n is the number of colleagues online. Click to open the chat screen. Click on a colleague and enter text at the bottom of the popup that appears to send messages. Previous chat history also appears above any current text on that chat popup.

Click the minus icon in the top right corner of these screens to close them.