Event History

Not all events appear as alarms. Event History preserves all event information for your system.

The initial portlet view displays an icon whose color reflects any alarm state associated with the event. It also displays the Receive Time, Entity Name, Device IP, and Event Name. You can right-click to Share with User in this screen.

Hovering the cursor over the DeviceIP column produces a tooltip that lets you know the device’s current state (up / down) and that contains Model, Vendor, Discovery Date, Ping Rate (ms), and the device’s Description information.

The default filter for this portlet displays only recent events. If you do not see events, expand the period for which they appear.

Expanded Event History Portlet

Clicking the plus (+) in the upper right corner of the initial portlet view displays the expanded Event History. As in other expanded portlets, you can use the filtering capabilities at the top of the screen to further limit the default view of all events.This screen has columns described in Alarms or Expanded Alarm Portlet. Configure these as visible or hidden by clicking Settings. The following are some additional columns available.

Receive Time -- The date the event was received.

Event Name -- The event identifier.

Location -- The location of the equipment emitting the event.

SubType -- A classification for the event. For example: Trap.

Protocol -- The protocol that delivered the event. Frequently: System, indicating Open Manage Network Manager itself delivered it.

Notification OID-- The object identifier (OID) for the event type.

Instance ID -- The instance identifier for the event.

Event History Snap Panels

Click a listed alarm to display its details in the Snap Panels. The Reference Tree displays the event’s relationship to any alarms, and to the source device. Click the plus (+) next to an item in the tree to unpack it.

The Bindings Snap Panel displays the event’s varbind information, including the trap OID, the device’s IP address, and other event-specific information.

The MIB Details Snap Panel includes MIB information like the Notification OID and MIB Text.

You can right-click the listed events and Share with User (see Sharing), or (How to:) Show / Hide / Reorder Columns.