Syslog Escalation Criteria

This tab of Syslog Event Rules lets you manage events based on matching text, and configure messages in response to such matches.

Criteria: Syslog Match Text

In this tab, enter the Syslog Match Text. Click the plus to add matching text to the list below the Message Match Text field. Check the Match Any to match any or all of the entered match text, rather than one or more specific strings.

Criteria: Syslog Event Setup

This portion of the Criteria screen sets up the event emitted when matching occurs. Here are the fields:

Category -- The syslog category varbind value.

Event Severity -- Select the alarm severity of the event emitted when a match occurs.

Message Pattern -- An optional regular expression for the text to retrieve and transmit in the created event’s message.

Message Template -- The configuration of the message when sent. For example: the template %1 occurred on %3 for %2 creates a message with the first message pattern retrieved, followed by the third, then the second within the specified text.

Message Test

This screen lets you test your message against the pattern and/or template. Click the Test button to the right of the top field to activate this testing.

Test Message -- Enter a message to test.

Test Message Result -- The text extracted for the event as it appears in the template after you click the Test button.

Click Apply to accept these escalation criteria, or Cancel to abandon them without saving.