Fine-Tuning Event Correlations

Open Manage Network Manager’s eventdefs.xml files configure event definitions that originate in installed MIBs. Open Manage Network Manager’s editor is typically a more convenient to configure them further.

No edit screen currently exists to configure variable binding objects. If you need to configure CorrelationType, you can do so by editing the /owareapps/redcell/server/conf/bindobjectdefs.xml file.

If an event definition does not correlate correctly for your system--for example the falling alarm does not clear the initial raising alarm--then you can use one or more of the OIDs for the binding objects on the Message Template tab, not the OID of the event definition itself, and create entries for them in this file. The technical help desk may assist in this process.

To customize Open Manage Network Manager’s standard bindings, edit the file. The bindobjectdefs.xml in Fine Tuning Event Messages is an example of what to expect in that file.

XML Event Definition