In its summary form, this portlet displays the available vendors for network resources.

Right-clicking a row lets you do the following:

New / Edit -- Opens the Vendor Editor where you can configure or re-configure a vendor.

Details -- Displays a panel showing the alarms, registered models, and identifiers for the selected vendor.

Visualize -- See a topology of the network filtered to display only the selected vendor, see Display Strategies

Import / Export -- Common menu capabilities described in Import / Export.

This screen has the following columns:

Vendor Icon -- The icon for this vendor.

Enterprise Number -- The enterprise number for this vendor.

Vendor Name -- The name for this vendor.

Vendor Editor

This editor configures (or re-configures) vendors.

It has the following fields:


Vendor Name -- A text identifier for the vendor.

Enterprise  -- A numeric identifier for the vendor.

Vendor Icon -- Select an icon from the pick list.


Click the Add button to select from contacts in Open Manage Network Manager to associate with this vendor. See Contacts for instructions about configuring contacts.