If they are not already set up to emit flow information, set up devices themselves to emit flow data. Consult the manuals for your devices for instructions about how to do this. Make sure your setup does not overwhelm Open Manage Network Manager with information.

Set up Open Manage Network Manager with the following:

Exporter Registration -- To register a device, right-click in Resources portlet, after you select the router and choose Traffic Analyzer > Register. The system should then be ready to accept flow data from the device.

Router Configuration -- You must configure the router to send flow reports to the Open Manage Network Manager server on port 9996 for 6343 for sflow by default.

Resolving Autonomous System (AS) Numbers -- Open Manage Network Manager provides local resolution of autonomous system numbers (ASN) based on static mapping of AS number registrations. It also supports user overrides to the default mappings. To do this, configure properties you can find in the \owareapps\traffic­analyzer\lib\ file. Remember, best practice is to override properties as described in Overriding Properties.

Dell Powerconnect devices allow only one collector per port.

Use Traffic Flow Analyzer

1. Register the device(s) you want to analyze. (As in Exporter Registration). A message confirms registration’s success.

You can also display a Registered column in the Managed Resources portlet, and click the heading to sort the registered Flow exporters to the top of the display.

2. Look in the Traffic Flow Portlet for the flows captured.

3. Remember, you can Drill Down to specific data, and Search for specific devices monitored.

For more about Traffic Flow in context of network management, see Traffic Flow Analyzer - Example.