Exporter Registration

Before you can collect traffic data from a device, you must Register it as a traffic flow exporter. If a device is not registered, the Register command appears in the menu. If it is registered the Unregister command appears. When you successfully register an eligible device, a success message appears; otherwise, a failure message appears, and no registration occurs.

The Show Traffic menu option opens a drop-in (full screen) Traffic Flow Portlet with a pick list of available information types.

This displays the Exporters Detail, Top 5 Applications, Top 5 Autonomous Systems, Top 5 Conversations, Top 5 Endpoints, Top 5 Protocols, Top 5 Receivers, and Top 5 Senders related to the device selected before right-clicking. Select a type and click the Refresh double arrow to the right of the selector.

The screen that then appears has the features of the Expanded Traffic Flow Portlet described below. See also How to: Use Traffic Flow Analyzer.