Alarm Editor

If you right-click and select Edit Event from an alarm in the Alarms portlet, this screen appears.

These screens contain the following fields:

General Details

Event Name -- The event that triggered the alarm.

Message -- The event message.

Date Opened -- The date the alarm occurred.

Entity Name -- The entity emitting this alarm (often within the Equipment).

Alarm State -- The state of the alarm (Open / Closed).

Severity -- The alarm severity indicated by the color of the leftmost icon. The severity only has meaning for Alarms and Security Alarms. Informational Alarms get a severity level of Indeterminate. Closed alarms appear without color.

Extended Details: Additional Information

Equipment -- The equipment (not subcomponent) that triggered the alarm.

DeviceIP -- The IP address of the equipment where the alarm appeared.

Entity Description -- A description of the triggering equipment.

Region -- The partition / region for the alarm.

Notes -- A field where you can enter text.

Extended Details: Historic Information

This panel contains primarily read-only fields describing the alarm, including whether it was Acknowledged, Ack by, Ack Time, Count and so on.

Extended Details: Custom Fields

If you have created any Custom Fields for Alarms, this panel appears in the editor. See Edit Custom Attributes for instructions about these.