Audible Alerts

Audible Alerts produce a sound when a new alarm arrives in the (summary, not expanded) Alarms Portlet. The sound occurs when Open Manage Network Manager’s auto-refresh controller polls for state changes. If you enable Audible Alerts and new table rows appear in the view, then the preferred sound occurs.

If changes clear alarms, then no sound occurs. Only new Alarms added to the view trigger an audible alert during auto-refresh. To cut down on audio clutter, only a single Audible Alert sounds no matter how many alarms occur during an auto-refresh cycle.

Web Browsers and Sound

Each browser supports sound differently because of licensing for various sound formats. Audible alarm support exists for most browsers, so if issues occur with a particular browser the workaround is either to upgrade or use Chrome.

Browsers support MP3 the most, so this is the only format supported for Audible Alerts. Firefox only support OGG format natively and Internet Explorer has issues with most sounds. To support those browsers Open Manage Network Manager plays the MP3 through a Flash Object, so browsers need no special plugins.

Turning on Audible Alerts

To turn on Audible Alerts, navigate to a page containing Alarms Portlet. The portlet must be on a page without Container View or other context broadcasting that can dynamically change the Alarms portlet’s context. Auto refresh does not run when in this environment so as a result the Audible Alerts are not exposed. (See Display Rules.)

1. Click the Settings (Wrench Icon).

2. The settings popup appears. In the Audible Alerts section, by default, alerts are off.

3. Click the Enable Audible Alerts checkbox.

4. Select a desired sound to play with the up/down arrows. A play button appears next to the available alerts so you can preview the current selected sound.

By default Open Manage Network Manager ships with four standard Sound Alerts: Alert, Bell, Chord and Ding. See Adding Custom MP3 Sounds below for the way to add custom sounds.

Click Apply and this Alarms Portlet instance on this page now has Audible Alerts enabled.