Compliance Policy Job Status

This screen displays the progress of compliance scanning you have configured.You can the revisit history of this policy’s use in the Audit portlet (see Audit Trail Portlet). Select an audit trail in this portlet to review details.

When you see the Success indicator, then the scanned item is compliant. If you also see a warning message that no policies have target groups, this does not have an impact on compliance.

When you see the Failure indicator, then the scanned item is Not compliant. Select the “Following Config Term not satisfied” message to see the contents of the failed file at the bottom of this screen.

Executing Proscan policies may trigger a benign warning that “No proscan policies have target group(s).” You can safely ignore this warning message.

The advantage of selecting dynamic device groups is that newly discovered devices of the selected type automatically become members of the group, so ProScan scans them too.