Link Discovery

This is an automated network link discovery feature that you can initiate from individual devices in the Managed Resources portlet, or with the Link Discovery button on the home screen. See Link Discovery Prerequisites for a list of device features that provide link information. Links discovered can also appear in the screen described in Links in Visualization.

When you elect to discover links from a right-click menu, the Network Link Discovery screen appears. Check the type of links you want to discover or from which you want to refresh collected data. Other options available on this screen include the following:

Layer 2 / Layer 3 [checkboxes] -- Select the layer for which you want to discover links. Depending on the layer selected, the available types appear as checkboxes below this tab selection.

Click All / None to select all or none of the displayed types for each layer. Remember, selecting more link types consumes more time and processing power.

Advanced Options

Archive Data -- Checking this archives current data before collecting information about and discovering links.

Links with incomplete endpoint information  are not discovered

Click Add Schedule to schedule link discovery, or Execute to run it now (and confirm you are willing to wait for results in a subsequent screen). The Job Viewer tab in the link discovery screen displays the message traffic between Open Manage Network Manager and the device(s). See Audit Trail Portlet for more about Job Viewer screens.