Change Determination Process

If you run the Change Determination (CD) Process, it collects all the configuration changes that occurred on the target resources since the last time the CD process ran. It also associates these changes with the date and time when the CD process runs. After running CD, you can then produce a report (see Compliance and Change Reporting), outlining all such changes by date and time. This report comes seeded with installation.

Open Manage Network Manager stores incremental changes as RedcellConfigChangeRecords by device/timestamp. The ConfigChangeRecordsDAP Database Aging Policy (DAP) manages how long the Open Manage Network Manager database retains these records. This DAP’s default setting stores incremental records for 30 days, then archives or purges them. Reporting shows only records in the database; therefore, by default, the Configuration Change Report shows only resource changes made in the last 30 days, but no older. Change this default by changing the number of days to retain such records with the DAP.

The next section describes Change Determination Process Workflow.