Change Determination Process Workflow

Change Manager seeds Change Determination Process and ProScan group operations. You can configure this to run on groups of your choosing if you create a new Change Determination Process group operation.

This process records what is removed, updated or added since it last ran on a scanned device’s configuration. If you run the Change Determination Process, it first backs up the devices’ configuration(s), and stores those with the Change Determination label.

Change Determination Process then looks for Config Changed Flags, and if it finds such flags, indicating a change occurred on the device and/or Change Determination has not run on it, the process then compares the device’s changed configuration (in the Change Determination label) to the one in the Current label, storing the difference for future reporting.

At its end, the Change Determination Process re-labels the configuration with the Change Determination label to the Current label, and it un-sets the Config Changed Flag on scanned resources so the flag will not signal change occurred when Change Determination runs again.

After running the Change Determination Process, you can run the Configuration Change report to display what changed for a defined period. The contents of that report depends on the report filter, and the specified period. This report lists changed attributes in the configurations.