MIB Browser

As part of the Direct Access menu, the MIB Browser lets you examine SNMP data available about devices.

The screen that opens when you select this option displays MIBs available in Open Manage Network Manager in a tree on the left. Notice that a pick list at the top of the left column narrows what appears in the tree. A progress bar at the bottom of this screen indicates a query for the selected information is in progress.

Click Load MIB at the top left corner of the screen to load a new MIB. A file selection dialog opens after you click Load MIB. Click the Refresh button at the bottom of the browser to re-query the device for new information. Click the Export button at the bottom of the browser to export the screen contents to a spreadsheet (Excel-format) file.

Use the Load MIB button in the upper right corner, or the menu described in Event Definitions for loading new MIBs.

Select a MIB and expand it to see the contents for a selected node appear on the right. In addition to the Device Results tab, which displays what the currently selected device uses from the MIB, the MIB Information tab displays the parameters available for the selected node.

Notice that the Description, Comments, Notification Variables, and Valid Values tabs appear at the bottom of this screen.