This summary portlet displays discovered device ports.

This displays a list of ports, with columns for Port Icon, Equipment Name, Name, Type and Encapsulation. Hover the cursor over the State column, and a popup appears to display the port’s Name, Type and Operational State information. Right-clicking offers a subset of the actions listed in Managed Resources. You can also create links. See Links. See Port Editor for details of the editor specifically for ports.

If the Ports summary portlet appears on the same page as the Managed Resources portlet, then a selection made in Managed Resources makes the Ports portlet display only ports for the selected resource. This “filter” through Managed Resources disables filters configured through the settings menu. See Display Rules and Context for more about this feature and the Context icon that appears with the portlet when it applies.

Port Details

This screen displays all the port’s settings that have been retrieved, including a Reference Tree of logical interfaces below the port, a Learned MAC Address panel, Alarms related to the port, and other Details.This screen displays the following tabs, accessed by clicking their name in the top of the screen. Just above their names, a reminder appears of the name of the selected port.

General -- In this tab, fields appear describing attributes for the selected port. For example Date Created (typically, this is the date discovered).

Alarms -- This tab displays alarms and the Event History connected to the selected port. See Alarms and Event History for more about that information.

Performance -- Displays monitor information connected to the selected port.

See also Equipment Details and Managed Resources Expanded for an explanation of some of these fields.