Report Templates

Report Templates are the basis of reports. This portlet displays the Template Name, Description, Inventory Entity, and Type in columns.

Right-clicking in this portlet lets you create a New template, Edit a selected template (see Report Template Editors for information about subsequent screens), view Details or Delete a selected template. You can also Import / Export report templates to files.

The expanded Report Templates portlet also includes a Reference Tree snap panel displaying a tree for selected templates connecting them to Report Groups and specific reports.

Create a Report Template

The following steps create a report template:

1. In the Report Templates portlet, right-click and select New Table template.

2. Name the template (for example: Test Amigopod Report)

3. In the Source tab, select an inventory source (for example: Inventory resources [A - DD] Amigopod).

4. Select Inventory Columns by clicking the arrow(s) between Available and Selected columns. (for example: Amigopod: Administrative State, Amigopod: DNS Hostname, Amigopod: Equipment Name, Amigopod:IP Address)

5. In the Layout tab, configure the column order (top is first, bottom is last).

6. Notice you can also configure the font size, color, alignment, and so on when you select a column in this tab.

7. Click Save. You have successfully created a template.